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Editor’s note

The future is always uncertain, despite our best predictions. I … Continued

Letters – what you’re saying

Is the answer simple? In response to Mark Constable’s letter … Continued

A rapid icy retreat

Professor of Glaciology Pete Nienow (1984) received the Polar Medal … Continued

The 1953 Cambridge Langjökull Expedition

The Ok volcano in Iceland erupted in the Pleistocene era … Continued

Nina Klein: since St John’s

From the Cambridge Zero Carbon Society to Extinction Rebellion, and … Continued

The science of speciation

Understanding how organisms adapt to changing environments and how we … Continued

The Professor Sir Christopher Dobson PhD Scholarship

In the months that have passed since the memorial services … Continued

Spotlight on: measuring impact

Laura Plant (2009) is a Sustainability and Climate Change Consultant … Continued

The College Climate Crisis Committee

Alongside a strong research focus, St John’s has an action-centric … Continued

Playlist: a lawyer’s passion for piano

After an MPhil and PhD at St John’s, Ivan Guevara … Continued