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Go forward and give back £1 in the Graduands’ Giving Challenge

A small act of support can go a long way in this year’s Graduands’ challenge.

We want to help the students who follow in your footsteps by unlocking a £25,000 gift towards the Helvetic Student Support fund. Give a small amount, £1 is enough, to help a lot.

If 60% of this year’s graduands give before 31 July we will unlock the fund together!

Here’s how it works:

Simply text Go £1 to 70004, donate online by clicking the Donate button at the top of this page and choose Helvetic Fund from the drop down menu or bring your card or phone to the Graduands’ Garden Party on 22 June and tap our contactless donation machine.

You will join the hundreds of previous graduands who have done the same and help to build on the £134,000 of essential funds already raised by the Go Forward Give Back (GFGB) campaign over the past 10 years.

You will be part of the most successful student-led campaign of its kind in Cambridge. Be part of the story!

What is the Helvetic Student Support Fund?

The fund was set up by two Johnians to award grants of between £250 and £500 in student support top-up funding. The fund aims to help students from households with an income of £50k to £85K who may struggle in circumstances of exceptional financial adversity, have limited student support funding and experience tight maintenance budgets. The Helvetic fund is able to support at least four students per year and hopes to increase this number as the fund grows.

How you can help grow the Helvetic Fund:

It doesn’t matter how much you contribute, it is simply the act of giving that counts. If at least 60% of graduands give £1 then your gift will help to unlock a massive £25,000 of funding for Helvetic. Your gift, along with the £25,000 challenge pot, will go towards the Helvetic Student Support Fund and assist students experiencing financial adversity who require top-up funding.  

Go Forward Give Back is open now until 31 July. You may have experienced your own time of financial difficulty, or know someone else who has, meaning you understand what a difference additional support funding can make. We hope you will want to join in with the campaign this year and with your small act of kindness, help other students in their time of need in years to come.

As a donor, your name will appear in The Eagle 2024 as a supporter of this wonderful initiative (unless you choose to remain anonymous).