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The Lady Margaret Boat Club Association

The alumni group invested in the successes of the Lady Margaret Boat Club both off and on the Cam each year. We encourage experienced rowers to give their time to the new generation of LMBC members. The LMBCA also co-ordinate with St John’s Development Office to help support the Club’s finances.

The Lady Margaret Boat Club Association (LMBCA) have advocated for the Lady Margaret Boat Club (LMBC) for over 100 years. Founded in 1913 as the Old Johnian Henley Fund (OJHF), the LMBCA helps the LMBC with donations of funds and, especially, with their time and experience.

The LMBC is one of the largest collegiate boat clubs in Cambridge and the biggest sports community in St John’s. It boasts more members than even the JCR. As numbers swell, the individual LMBC teams on the river increase, and the Club requires more coaches to help novices and lower boats gain as much expertise and effective time on the river as they can.

Read a more in-depth history of the LMBCA and see what this year’s teams are up to on the LMBC website.

Volunteer your time

The LMBC welcomes volunteer coaches who can give their time to help the next generation of rowers. Bank parties are also crucial in allowing teams to be on the river as much as possible. There will always be rowers keen to take you up on your offer. If you can volunteer a time-slot to help, please email the LMBC’s Honorary Secretaries, Harry Fieldhouse at or Jo Matthews at


The LMBCA Committee meets annually on the final morning of the May Bumps to discuss the direction of the club with the Captains. To share constructive ideas and feedback with the committee, email and the Development Office will forward your message.


Looking to reconnect with your old crew at a Boat Club Dinner, rally a troop to cheer Maggie boats from the bank during Bumps or find fellow Johnian rowers at Henley? Email the LMBC’s Honorary Secretaries, Harry Fieldhouse at or Jo Matthews at

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Give to the Lady Margaret Boat Club

Your donations help with the purchase of essential training equipment, facilitate training camps and secure the most experienced professional coaches.