Giving the gift of education

For many Johnians, the opportunity to study at St John’s has been transformational – changing their own life for the better and improving the circumstances of many others across the world through pioneering research and innovation. Giving back to the College can help talented but financially disadvantaged students benefit from receiving the same intellectually rigorous education.
Hikes in tuition fees and general living costs add up to a financial headache for many prospective students, putting some bright students off applying in the first place. Despite subsiding each student to the tune of £8,000 per year, the College still provides financial assistance to those in need.
This, in addition to the many other pressures on College resources means that St John’s relies heavily on help from its alumni – with only 12,500 Johnians to turn to for support, we are more limited than other charities who are often able to appeal to a wider constituency. At present only 14% of Johnians give on a yearly basis so it is clear that with more support we can help the College and its inhabitants to excel still further.


Development Priorities

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Why Give to St John's

Our fundraising and College finances explained.


Making Your Gift

The technicalities and tax implications of making a donation.

Legacy giving

How to leave a legacy to the College in your will.


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