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This statement explains how the Development Office of St John’s College, Cambridge handles and uses the personal data we collect about Johnians and our supporters – whether donors, volunteers or participants in membership groups, eg the Beaufort Society.

Developing a better understanding of our alumni and supporters allows us to keep you apprised of our activities and developments, provide services to you, and identify ways in which you can support us through donations or other forms of financial and non-financial support.

We are committed to protecting your personal information and being transparent about the information we hold. The following statement sets out how the Development Office specifically uses your personal data for fundraising and alumni relations purposes.

To change your communication preferences, email or write to the Development Office (address at the end of this notice).

Personal data held by the Development Office, St John’s College, Cambridge

We may hold information relating to you from a number of sources. Most of the information we hold on Johnians is that which you provide to us on matriculation, graduation and by filling in forms for events, news, emails etc. Further information can be found in our privacy policy and cookies notice.

Your Johnian record is created on matriculation using information provided by you on your College form or online application. On graduation your record is kept up to date with details provided by you and sometimes, in the case of contact details, by the University, with whom we exchange current contact details on a monthly basis. CAm (Cambridge in America) provides address data with donor details. On occasion, information (eg honours and appointments) is added from publicly available sources.

Most records contain:
• Your full name, date of birth and gender
• Your current address, email and phone numbers
• Previous addresses
• Your parents’ details on admission
• Your education history
• Your Tutors/DoS
• Your membership of College sports and societies
• Your interaction with the Development Office while a Junior Member
• College Awards, Bursaries and other prizes received
• Career details
• Details about your family (eg the name of your partner or spouse, and children’s names if provided by you)
• Personal data provided by you for specific purposes (eg disability and dietary preferences for event management purposes)
• Records of meetings we hold with you
• Events attended
• Details of donations both monetary and in kind (including use of premises and sponsorships)
• Your relationships with other alumni or supporters of College
• Memberships such as the Beaufort Society and Choir Association
• Copies of acknowledgements for gifts, events etc
• Copies of correspondence with the Development Office
• Your communication preferences based on information that you provide to us
• Your interests and extra-curricular activities as provided to ‘Members news’ and from conversations and press coverage

On occasion, we augment the data we hold from publicly available data. We use targeted internet searches and we may search the following websites (either directly or by using search engines) in order to maintain the accuracy of the data listed above.

Public sources for companies (in order to find personal data of those companies’ employees, etc):
• Companies House and other business-related resources (free and subscription) for UK companies
• Company websites
• US Securities and Exchange Commission for US companies
• Charity Commission and other internet sources for UK non-profits

Public sources for individuals:
• Who’s Who (subscription)
• Sunday Times Rich List
• Other Rich lists eg Forbes Magazine’s international rich lists
• The Queen’s Honours Lists
• LinkedIn, to check business details
• US White Pages

Press sources:
• Factiva (subscription) for international press

How your data is used by the Development Office

Your data is used by us for a number of interdependent purposes in support of alumni relations and fundraising. These include:
• Sending you publications (eg Johnian and The Eagle)
• Sending event invitations
• Conducting surveys following events and publications
• Sending appeals and requests for donations
• Promotion of the Beaufort Society
• Research ahead of face to face meetings
• Administrative purposes (eg processing event attendance requests or donations)
• Managing personal preferences, feedback and complaints
• Maintaining monthly data exchange of current contact details with the University

Before accepting major donations, we are required to conduct due diligence, including reviewing publicly available personal data relating to the donor’s criminal convictions and offences.

Communications may be sent by post, telephone or electronic means (principally by email) depending on the contact details we hold and the preferences expressed by you about the types of communications you wish to receive.

When the Development Office shares your data with others (our partners)

Updates to contact details and changes to your name/title are shared with the University on a monthly basis. Transmission of data between the Development Office and the University is managed through agreed processes that comply with relevant data protection legislation. The University has its own data protection statement and procedures.

Publications you receive from us are sent by selected mailing houses, with which we have a third party data protection agreement in place. Files are encrypted and destroyed after mailing and your data is never sold on. Identical procedures are in place for other third party providers eg for the Telethon.

How we protect your data

Before using a third party service we ensure data sharing agreements are in place. We send address data to a mailing house when posting our publications and we use an external provider to assist with the preparation and running of our Telethon. We do not sell your personal data to third parties under any circumstance. Nor do we permit third parties to sell on the data we have shared with them.

We facilitate communication between individual alumni, but we do not release your personal contact details without your express permission.

Data is on occasion shared within College for the purposes of reconnecting Johnians with Fellows and when booking dinner and accommodation.

Any transfers of your data overseas (outside of the European Economic Area) are protected either by an ‘adequacy decision’ by the European Commission (declaring the recipient country as a ‘safe’ territory for personal data) or by standard contractual clauses adopted by the European Commission (which give obligations for the recipient to safeguard the data).

Further information about the measures we use to protect data when being transferred internationally is available from our Data Protection Officer (whose contact details are set out below).

Your rights

You have the right to:
• ask us for access to, or rectification or erasure of, data
• restrict processing (pending correction or deletion)
• object to communications or direct marketing
• ask for the transfer of your data electronically to a third party (data portability)

Many of these rights are qualified in various ways

You have the right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office.

Further information

The legal basis for processing your personal data for the interdependent purposes set out above is that it is necessary for the pursuit of our legitimate interests. We always handle your personal data securely and minimise its use, and there is no overriding prejudice to you by using your personal information for these purposes. In addition, there is no statutory or contractual requirement for you to provide us with any personal data.

The controller for your personal data is St John’s College, Cambridge, CB2 1TP. The Data Protection Officer for the College is the Office of Intercollegiate Services Ltd (OIS Ltd), 12B King’s Parade, Cambridge; 01223 768745; OIS Ltd should be contacted if you have any concerns about how the College is managing your personal information, or if you require advice on how to exercise your rights as outlined in this statement. The person within the College otherwise responsible for data protection at the time of issue, and the person who is responsible for monitoring compliance with relevant legislation in relation to the protection of personal data, is the Librarian and Head of Information Services, Dr Mark Nicholls, St John’s College, Cambridge, CB2 1TP.

Please contact us at if you wish to ask us not to process your personal data for particular purposes. Where you have specific requests relating to how we manage your data, we will endeavour to resolve these, but please note there may be circumstances where we cannot comply with specific requests.

We will retain your data indefinitely in support of your lifelong relationship with the College or until you request us to do otherwise. We will publish on our website any changes we make to this data protection statement and notify you by other communications channels as appropriate.

Where you exercise your right to erasure, we will continue to maintain a core set of personal data (name, subject(s), matriculation and graduation details, unique identification number and date of birth) to ensure we do not contact you inadvertently in future and to maintain your academic record for archive purposes. We may also need to retain some financial records about your statutory purposes (eg Gift Aid, anti–fraud and accounting matters).

To tell us how you would like to hear from us please contact:

Research and Data Manager
Development Office
St John’s College
01223 338679

Updated 25/08/20