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Editor’s note

This issue champions the work of Johnians making the world a better place through mentoring, challenging large-scale injustices and simply bringing joy to others.

Urban resilience and disaster recovery

Built environment professional Prachi Acharya explores the essential elements of effective climate and disaster resilient development.

Emma Howlett: one to watch

Upcoming writer and director Emma Howlett talks about her European directing debut and why she’s reading 1000 plays.

From the Development Director

Stephen Teal pays tribute to the
Development Board’s inaugural Chair, Jeremy Marshall.

Tim Curtis: career spotlight

Entrepreneur Tim Curtis outlines what he has learnt from his career and how this helps him to be a better mentor.

Spotlight on: women’s education

Katie Smith considers how we can remove educational barriers for girls in Africa and support them moving into secure livelihoods.

Emily Bailey: since St John’s

Editor and linguist Emily Bailey talks about freelance translation and interpretation and her work supporting police and fire services.

Portrait of a Lady

A portrait of Lady Margaret Beaufort is the centrepiece of the Tudor exhibition at the newly restored National Portrait Gallery.

Playlist: from computing to composing

Professor John ffitch reveals some of the diverse discs he has collected on his academic and personal travels.

Jane Cordell: in a nutshell

Public speaker Jane Cordell coaches others to achieve their potential, drawing on her personal journey with hearing loss.