The Beaufort Society

Souvent me Souvient


St John’s has always been grateful for the generosity of those who have made a gift to the College in their will, the first and perhaps best known of whom is Lady Margaret Beaufort, through whose will the College was founded. 

In honour of Lady Margaret and to recognise the contribution of our living donors who have promised to make a gift in the same way, the College has established the Beaufort Society. Its members enjoy annual events to keep in touch with the College and each other. 

The Society has adopted the Beaufort motto, Souvent me Souvient, and Lady Margaret’s flower, the marguerite, as its emblem. Society members are presented with a silver membership pin in the shape of a marguerite, a symbol of their special connection to St John’s.

When you let us know you have promised a gift to the College in your will, we will be delighted to invite you to join the Society. We look forward to hearing from you.


Society events

Members meet annually for a delicious lunch in College.

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