About the LMBC

Why support the LMBC?

At a time of increased financial anxiety for students entering higher education, the College must be well placed to prioritise tuition fee, maintenance and hardship support for students in need. However, St John’s remains committed to providing an all-round education and is equally determined to provide ring-fenced funding for core areas of College life, including the LMBC. To date, financial contributions from Johnians have been an economic life-line for the club but with only 200 donors at any given time, we are increasingly unable to support the club’s expanding activities. More help is needed to safeguard the diverse requirements of the club including subsidising triallists, paying for coaches, financing training camps and equipment and funding the increasing day to day costs of running the boathouse.

The Embracing Participation and Excellence in Rowing Campaign

Mindful of the need to secure the LMBC’s future, the LMBCA and the College jointly launched the Embracing Participation and Excellence in Rowing Campaign in 2011, which aims to build up an endowment of £5 million over the long-term to sustain and develop the club’s activities.

  • Coaching: £5,000 per annum

 Coaches of the highest calibre need to be attracted to ensure that squads can benefit from expert rowers. 

  • Training camps: £10,000 per annum

 We need to do more to ensure that rowers with the most potential are able to take part in training camps, regardless of their financial circumstances.

  • Equipment:

    Boats: Boat replacement scheme: to fund new boats on a rolling basis (IV’s cost approximately £15,000 and VIIIs, up to £25,000).

    The boat replacement scheme ensures that LMBC crews are able to maintain their competitive advantage, while providing boats for all of the crews to enjoy.

    Blades and Land Training Equipment: to fund blades on an old-for-new basis (£2,000 per set) and ergos (approximately £1,000 per machine).

    Worn equipment such as blades and land-training machines need to be replaced regularly.

    To find out more about the LMBC fundraising needs please download a brochure here.

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