With Johnian support, we are now able to offer 100 per cent maintenance awards to all new home undergraduates whose household incomes are less than £25,000 a year. 28 studentships were allocated in 2016 alone, equating to 15 per cent of our entire undergraduate intake.

These students receive a grant of £6,810 per annum, which, combined with the existing Cambridge Bursary of £3,500 per year, will cover the University's academic year maintenance rate of £10,310. We are fundraising to ensure that we are able to extend this scheme past its five-year trial period, and hopefully expand it on a sliding-scale basis to include students with household incomes of between £25,000 and £72,000.

Our eventual aim is to increase the overall generosity of the scheme to provide completely free-of-charge places for students at the very lowest household incomes. The first phase of the Studentships, which launched in October 2016, will cost £600k per annum once there are students receiving them in all year groups. The second, sliding-scale phase will cost an additional £500k per annum. We very much look forward to reporting on the progress of our Studentship recipients in the coming months.

'My family is not, and was not, in a position to help me financially with University and, as the first in my family to do a degree, there was a lot of trepidation about how I would live comfortably.'

Sophie Lawrence
Undergraduate in Law

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