Free Thinking is the College's new fundraising campaign, which sees St John's taking the lead in addressing the key issues that face Cambridge and UK higher education as a whole today.

The campaign is about taking action, now, to protect the College's core values: equality of opportunity, excellence in teaching, and the nurture of research.



Following the explosion in the number of university places in the early nineties, there has been an accelerating increase in undergraduate tuition fees and a simultaneous erosion of means-tested government support, culminating in the abolition of the final vestige of the Maintenance Grant this year. Freezes in Research Council funding have led to similar effects in postgraduate and postdoctoral funding.

We are at a critical time in UK higher education, where the diminishing financial support available to undergraduates, postgraduates and academics is beginning to impact our ability to attract the best talent, and to nurture it properly. This is particularly problematic for the University of Cambridge, and St John’s, as world-class institutions competing on a global scale.

To maintain our pre-eminent position, St John’s must now secure the means to take on greater responsibility for the funding of scholars and scholarship, to fill the funding gaps that have opened up over time, and to release itself from the future whims of government policy. It’s an enormous task, but is one that we are proud to take on.

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