Undergraduate scholarships, prizes & exchange programmes


Academic sholarships and prizes enable St John's to reward and encourage excellence and provide a financial boost for many who struggle with mounting student debt.

Undergraduate scholarships

Future priorities for fundraising include a scholarship programme that would be open to all undergraduates, from both the UK/EU and overseas, and which would offer the most talented applicants a full grant of £9,000 to cover their fees.  This would allow the College to attract the most talented and promising students, and would also extend the financial support available for students at St John’s, regardless of their background.

Currently St John’s has a small number of scholarships for undergraduates, which offer the opportunity to students from abroad to study at the College, as well as encouraging British students who are the first in their family to attend university to study for a second undergraduate degree at Cambridge.


The Davies Jackson Scholarship presents a unique opportunity for students with exceptional academic records in the US, and who are among the first in their family to graduate college, to study for a BA degree at St John’s.

The John Crook Scholarship offers students from UK universities the opportunity to study for a second degree at St John's. The scholarship covers all fees and expenses and is designed to encourage students of exceptional academic ability who perhaps did not consider Cambridge to be an option when they first applied to university.

The Moody-Stuart Scholarship offers students at the Starehe School in Nairobi, Kenya the opportunity to study for an undergraduate degree at St John's. The first Starehe Scholar arrived at the College in 2012.

Exchanges & projects

St John’s also offers Student Exchange Programmes with Caltech, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Heidelberg University and Collegio Ghislieri Pavia.There are also scholarships and studentships that encourage students to study abroad or embark on a creative writing project, for example the Harper-Wood scholarship.


The College offers prizes to undergraduates to encourage independent academic study and excellence in research and endeavour. There are also music, art and photography prizes, as well as awards for creative writing and essays.

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