Tax-efficient giving

There are a number of ways to make a tax-efficient gift to the College; this means you can leverage your gift, so that it is worth more to the College and will cost you less.

Gift Aid: 

St John's is a registered charity (number 1137428) and so gifts from UK taxpayers can be made under the Gift Aid Scheme. This enables the College to reclaim the basic rate of tax that was paid on your donation, which equates to 25 pence in every pound on gifts from UK taxpayers. For example, every £100 gift is actually worth £125 to the College. In order for us to reclaim the tax on your donation, you must have paid UK Income or Capital Gains Tax equal to the tax that will be reclaimed.

Income tax: 

In addition to Gift Aid (which covers the Basic rate of tax), Higher rate tax-payers can also reclaim the difference between the Basic and Higher (40%) rate of tax on the self-assessment tax return.  So a gift of £100 will cost a Higher rate taxpayer £75 once they have reclaimed the difference between Basic and Higher rate tax. 


More tax efficient gifts

There are other ways to make a tax-efficient gift - find out more using the links below:

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