Teaching fellowships

Small group teaching, in which students enjoy the regular and focused supervision of an expert in their field, is an essential part of what makes the educational experience at Cambridge so special. The opportunity to learn from world-class academics is a unique experience that must be preserved.  In order to ensure that future generations of students are offered this unrivalled learning environment, St John's is seeking support for many of its existing teaching fellowships, as well as for the creation of new posts.

As an institution that is dependent on a large number of employees, the largest proportion of the College’s expenditure goes on staff costs.  As well as essential outgoings, such as National Insurance and pension contributions, St John’s is also committed to paying academics at a competitive rate so that we retain the highest calibre of teachers for our students.

To fund a full-time teaching Fellow in the early stages of their career will cost approximately £55,000 per annum (or £44,000 plus Gift Aid for UK tax payers), while an endowment of £1.6 million will secure that position in perpetuity.  A part-time teaching Fellow, who will be employed by the College and the University in equal measure, will cost in the region of £22,000 annually (or £17,600 plus Gift Aid), while a fund of £625,000 will support this position for future generations. 

Research fellowships

All of St John’s teaching Fellows are research active, but the cornerstone of the College’s commitment to research lies in its annual Research Fellowship competition. It seeks to find outstanding young academics in any subject from amongst the most talented and sought-after scholars in the world. There are many hundreds of applications for these four awards, reflecting the fact that the opportunity for an extended period of pure research is increasingly rare. The Fellowships are held for between three and four years, so at any one time there can be up to 16 Research Fellows in residence and the majority of these are funded directly from the College's endowment.

A gift of £55,000 per annum (or £44,000 plus Gift Aid for UK tax payers) for three or four years will fund one Title A Fellow for the duration of their time at St John’s, while £1.6 million will endow a Title A Fellowship in perpetuity.

The diversity of the college’s academic community is further enhanced by a number of research awards, which support scholars visiting for a term or more.  Benefactions from past donors have allowed the college to offer visiting scholars from overseas the opportunity to study at St John’s for one term. The funds will usually cover accommodation costs, a small living allowance, and, in some circumstances, travel expenses.  Historical gifts have also allowed the College to offer the opportunity to visiting scholars who have worked in teaching, the armed services or the civil service the chance to come to St John’s for a period of study.

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