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St John's College Choral Foundation

The Choir in performance

St John's is the custodian of an internationally renowned Choir that has achieved a worldwide reputation for the excellence of its very special sound. Maintaining the breadth and diversity of the Choir’s activities and the rigour of the education and training of its members is a costly undertaking, and one that places great demands on the College at a time when higher education is facing its most severe financial constraints.

To ensure the continuing excellence of its Choir, in 2011 St John’s launched a campaign to raise £5 million to establish a Choral Foundation.  This will provide the College with a ring-fenced fund that will ensure the continued excellence of the Choir for generations to come.  

The Foundation will support every aspect of the Choir’s work - from funding choristers to enabling the Choir to continue its rigorous programme of tours, concerts and recording.



St John's Voices

The Choir in performance

St John’s Voices was established in October 2013, and represents an exciting initiative for the College. An auditioned choir for female and male Johnian students, St John’s Voices are led by professional director Graham Walker.  After a very successful start the choir includes 30 singers, the majority of whom are members of St John’s College. A number of the singers have been awarded financial help from the College in the shape of Choral Awards.

St John’s Voices sings Evensong in the College Chapel on Mondays during Full Term and at other services on a more occasional basis. It performs in the annual May Concert, and hopes to undertake concerts and overseas tours in the future.

Opportunities for Support

The annual expenditure for St John’s Voices is around £20,000 and is likely to rise to £30,000 over the next five years. Opportunities for support include:

  • A gift of £10,000 would fund the Director’s salary for a year.
  • Support for Choral Awards: The standard University-wide Choral award is £100, choral-award holders in St John’s Voices also receive £300 for singing lessons per year making an award worth £400 per person per year. If all members of the Choir were award-holders the total cost of support would be £11,200
  • Choir Library. The set-up costs for a choir Library would be around £10,000, with a further expenditure of £1,500 per annum.
  • A gift in support of a short tour to a European city. Total costs are likely to be in the region of £12,000 - £15,000.


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