College life

Life at St John’s is a unique experience, beyond academic achievement alone.  Weaving together a wealth of musical talent, sporting achievements and creative endeavours, the variety of opportunity held within its walls is, for many Johnians, the lifeblood of the College.  From the Lady Margaret Players to Jazz@John's, from the Art Society to the Chess Club, each student can find a fertile home for their interests.

For generations, students have found that sporting activities can help to develop the skills of talented participants in teamwork and strategic thinking, as well as forging lasting friendships. Ongoing financial support from sources such as the Field Sports Fund and The Lady Margaret Boat Club Association are essential for purchasing new equipment and for maintaining the first-rate facilities available to outstanding sportsmen and women.

The Choir of St John's stands at the heart of a wide and varied musical landscape at the College.  Yet the worldwide reputation of the Choir does not safeguard its existence, and the Choral Foundation has been established to support every aspect of its diverse activities.  

Field Sports

Endowed fund to ensure a long-term endowment.

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The Lady Margaret Boat Club. 

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The Choir

Supporting the Sound of St John's.

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