Its buildings shape the memories of those who have lived and worked at St John’s.  Some Johnians speak fondly of scaling walls after curfew and scuttling across courtyards for a chilly bath, whilst the Boiler Room and Buttery may loom large in the memories of more recent graduates.  The College is fortunate enough to be the custodian of architecture that is also very meaningful to those who may never even visit St John’s: the Bridge of Sighs and New Court are icons of Cambridge itself to a wider world.

Such fabulous real estate, much of it listed, is expensive to maintain, and St John’s has put the refurbishment and maintenance of its fine buildings at the heart of its development programme.

To find out more about the potential for supporting the College's building and maintenance programme, please contact the Development Office.


Completed projects:

School of Pythagoras

School of PythagorasThe School of Pythagoras has undergone a transformation that has converted it into the new home for the College’s unique archives.

Built around 1200, the School of Pythagoras is more ancient than the College itself, and is the oldest building in Cambridge still in use.

The redevelopment began in 2012 and was completed on schedule in 2014.  It cost £2 million, more than half of which was funded through donations.



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