The Lady Margaret Boat Club Association

LMBC Regatta 2016, photo Jean-Luc Benazet

Supporting the LMBC

The Old Johnian Henley Fund (OJHF) was founded in 1913 to help crews train and race at Henley. It has since been renamed the Lady Margaret Boat Club Association and has successfully secured critical funding for the purchase of boats, blades and indoor training equipment. The LMBCA’s activities have since expanded to take in many other aspects of rowing support such as subsidising triallists, paying coaches and financing training camps. This consistent source of support has been an economic lifeline for the club and has saved it from serious financial hardship.

The LMBCA has now joined forces with the College Development Office to help put the LMBC on a sound economic footing. To find out more about fundraising for the LMBC, or to find out how to contribute, please click here.


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