About the Johnian Society

History of the Society


The Johnian Society was founded in 1923 at a reunion of old members of the College under the Chairmanship of the late Sir Edward Marshall Hall, KC, as a means of maintaining a link with the College and with each other. It also aims to assist the College in other ways, such as through the financing of travel exhibitions for resident members of College.

All Johnians are welcome to join the Society. Members of the Society may be invited to join the Committee to serve for a period of six years.

The statutes of the Society can be found here.

Mission statement for the Johnian Society

As a Johnian you are part of a worldwide community of people who have benefited from the chance to be students and/or Fellows at St John’s. The Johnian Society helps you to take your place within that vibrant and diverse network, to inspire and be inspired, to give and to take, to share and to enjoy the company of other Johnians. The Johnian Society exists to facilitate and enhance relationships between members of the College, especially those no longer in residence, and to support the life and future development of the College. Our mission is therefore to act as a forum for the wider body of Johnians and to maintain that spirit of collegiality which is fostered during University years. The Society does not regard itself as having a fund raising role on behalf of the College but believes that its existence and activities contribute to the substantial goodwill towards the College that has resulted in the College's outstanding success in its fund raising activities. 


•    To maintain and foster relationships formed between Johnians in their time at College by organising events both in Cambridge and elsewhere
•    To inform and facilitate contact between the community of all Johnians
•    To enable participation in the current life and work of the College
•    To represent the voice of its members to the College when the need arises.

Benefits to Johnians:

•    The opportunity to stay connected as a Johnian to the College and to other Johnians, enabling you to make a real difference by participating in the life and development of the College
•    Representation, via Committee members, on the College's Development Committee and more widely via a strong relationship between the Committee and the College
•    Access to Society events
•    Supporting current students through bursaries and travel exhibitions.


Joining the Society

  • Johnians who are not already members of the Society may join for the fee of £25 by cheque made payable to 'The Johnian Society'.

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