The supervision system

For over eight hundred years, the structural core of a Cambridge education has been the supervision system, in which some of the world's leading academics teach students in a small group setting. These tutorials create agile minds, as undergraduates learn to express and defend their own work, while analysing and critiquing the work of others.

By its very nature, this approach to education is time and labour-intensive, but it is also a reason why Cambridge graduates are so highly sought after.

With increasing weight being given to the number of papers an academic publishes, maintaining the quality of the supervision system has become increasingly difficult. We want to ensure that St John's continues to be a place where our academics' transformational research can develop and flourish, while ensuring that we are providing the world-famous teaching that is so valued by our students.

Teaching Fellowships

While some academics will welcome the opportunity to focus only on their research, others want to push the boundaries of their discipline while simultaneously inspiring and guiding the next generation.

Teaching Fellowships provide the opportunity for academics to strike this balance, while allowing the College to attract people who are not only at the forefront of their field, but are also able to challenge bright young minds.

We would like to establish a number of fully endowed Teaching Fellowships, particularly in Arts and Humanities subjects.

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