Summer Bursaries

The cost of supporting oneself during the long vacation can, for many students, be too big a financial burden to bear without an external source of income. Extra-curricular research projects, academic work and internship opportunities, all hugely beneficial to our students, are often set aside as a result.

Following the successful introduction of a number of funds to support undergraduate research projects, we have started to offer comprehensive means-tested funding to ensure that all of our undergraduates have the opportunity to take part in relevant and enriching academic ventures and work experience during the long vacation.

The Summer Bursary scheme provides students with household incomes of less than £42,000 with an award of £259 per week to fund activities of one to eight weeks. Students on household incomes of £42,000 to £66,000 are eligible for partial support on a sliding-scale basis.

The Summer Bursary programme will cost us around £100k per annum.

'The Summer Bursary enabled me to work on an eight-week research project at the Centre for Speech, Language and the Brain in Cambridge. I'd never even considered doing something like this over previous summers as such opportunities tend to be unpaid, and, when you take accommodation and living costs into account, require a lot of spare cash.'

Hatem Sadik
Clinical Studies in Medicine

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