Postgraduate Support

St John's is proud to host a vibrant community of approximately 300 graduate students, who make up 40 per cent of the student body. They come from more than 60 countries and range in age from 21 to over 60. Their impact on the wider world is immeasurable; Johnian graduate students have gone on to take up leadership positions in both the academic and commercial sectors and, in the case of Dr Manmohan Singh, to govern the world's largest democracy.

In 2011 the University set a target to grow the number of new graduate students by 6 per cent between 2012 and 2015. What actually occurred was a significant drop in numbers, leaving them 10 per cent below the target level in 2015. Better financial support has been identified as the key to attracting more of the world's brightest students to Cambridge, and St John's is committed to doing its bit.


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