PhD Scholarships

As well as enriching our research community, PhD students contribute to College life in other ways, most notably by supervising undergraduates. However, freezes in Research Council funding have significantly reduced the number of grants available for doctoral research in the UK.

Even where funding is available, securing it often requires students to compromise on their area of focus in order to align with the funding body’s agenda. The situation is even more difficult for international students, who face much higher fees and are often ineligible for Research Council funding. 

In 2015, 46 per cent of PhD offer-holders declined to take up their place at Cambridge, with 60 per cent of those citing finances as the primary reason. We want to ensure that we, as a College, and as a University, remain competitive in attracting the very best PhD candidates from around the world, providing them with the freedom to pursue their ideas. 

Our aim is to create six new full PhD scholarships: three for home students, and three for international students. This will cost us £550,000 per annum.

'My faculty has very little funding available so I am self-funding my PhD, having taken a couple of years out after my Master's to work and save. I've been very lucky as, despite being from the United States, I am now eligible for home fees through my spouse; had this not been the case, I wouldn't have been able to come to Cambridge.'

Rachel Becker
PhD in Music

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