The Scholarship

Chris maintained that his scientific discoveries owed much to the talented people who came to work with him, mostly PhD students and other early-career researchers.

They, in turn, insist that their success came from the values that he instilled in them: to follow their instincts and to view any research failure as an opportunity for greater understanding. Chris’s own career benefited from this flexible mindset, since he came to the study of protein misfolding via a detour fuelled by curiosity.

The Professor Sir Christopher Dobson PhD Scholarship for Science will preserve Chris’s ethos for future generations. Covering fees, maintenance and travel for students from anywhere in the world, the Scholarship will ensure that St John’s can continue to attract the very best scientists to Cambridge and provide them with the autonomy to follow their instincts, free from the increasingly rigid conditions of many external funding bodies

We invite you to contribute to the Professor Sir Christopher Dobson PhD Scholarship endowment fund, from which the Scholarship will be financed in perpetuity. The ambition is to raise at least £2million, although in reality, as Chris himself would say, ‘the sky is the limit'.

Chris and Mary Dobson

I feel so fortunate to have been supervised by someone so eminent but also so accessible. Chris was a true mentor: advising, encouraging and supporting me in the lab and beyond.

Ryan Geiser (2017)

Current Chemistry PhD student St John’s and supervisee of Professor Sir Christopher Dobson

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