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The Development Office was established to keep Johnians around the world in touch with the College and each other. We organise a varied programme of events for alumni, provide you with the information you need, and produce The Eagle, Johnian magazine and The Marguerite, among other publications which keep alumni connected and informed. We’re responsible for fundraising to ensure that future generations of Johnians can enjoy all that St John’s has to offer. Visitors are always welcome at the Development Office, so if you have a query please do drop in during office hours (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm), or call or email us via the details below. 

D Staircase, Second Court
St John’s College
Cambridge CB2 1TP
Tel: 01223 338700

Stephen Teal
Development Director
01223 760900

  Stef 2015

Stefanie Giblin
Deputy Development Director
01223 330723


I play a leading role in the development and implementation of the College’s fundraising and alumni relations strategy and I am responsible for the day-to-day management of the office.  In addition, I speak to Johnians and friends of St John’s who might like to help the College by supporting the Development Programme.

Rebecca Buncombe
Research and Data Manager
01223 338679
  Susannah Rose

Head of Alumni Relations
01223 330721



Emma Talibudeen 
Development Manager
01223 338605


Rachel Powell
Associate Development Director 
(Head of Major Gifts)
07917 535966

I am responsible for the legacy programme at St John’s and look after the Beaufort Society, which recognises those individuals who have promised a gift to the College in their will. As part of the Development Office’s senior management team, I play a leading role in our fundraising strategy, and also have regular meetings with Johnians and friends of the College to discuss how they could help current and future students at St John’s through their support.


I meet with Johnians to discuss the College’s current situation and priorities and to explore ways that we can work together to ensure that future scholars are able to enjoy the opportunities that St John’s has offered for generations.  In addition to gathering essential support for our activities, these conversations offer invaluable insight into how Johnians think about College.  I work closely with the Development Director on fundraising strategy and am the lead author of the Free Thinking campaign. 

Amy Reeve Amy Reeve

Head of Annual Giving

01223 760988


  Jessica MacKenzie

Jessica Mackenzie
Stewardship & Development Officer
01223 330724

I am responsible for the College’s thriving regular giving programme. Johnians will hear from me by post, by email and on social media, where I aim to raise awareness of the impact of your support and encourage participation in our fundraising activities. I also organise the annual Telethon, a great opportunity for alumni to connect with current students whilst hearing about our fundraising priorities, and Go Forward, Give Back, our graduands' giving programme.


I coordinate the College’s stewardship programme. This includes designing and organising donor events to thank benefactors for their ongoing support. As editor of St John’s annual donor magazine, The Marguerite, I produce content that looks back at the successes of donor-funded projects from the previous academic year and highlight the achievements of our funding recipients. I also oversee the College’s allocation of bursaries and scholarships, liaising with our students to provide direct feedback on their experiences to their donors.

Hannah Sharples, Alumni Relations Officer (Publications)  

Hannah Sharples
Alumni Relations Officer (Publications)
01223 330722

   Diana Cadete Diana Cadete

Alumni Relations Officer (Events)
01223 767403

I am editor of the semi-annual magazine Johnian and co-editor of the annual College record The Eagle. Keeping in touch with the Johnian community, I tell their stories through the medium of print, email newsletters and blog posts. I am also an active member of the alumni website and Johnian Hub, and assist all members of the alumni relations and development team as needed.


I coordinate the alumni events programme in Cambridge, the UK and overseas. I support the designing and planning of an events programme tailored to Johnians’ diverse audience, to help keep the community in touch and engaged with the College. I organise regular events in College, such as Johnian Society Day, MA Dinner and Sunday on The Backs, but I also support the development of new event formats.

 Dafydd Sinden Dafydd Sinden

Alumni Relations Assistant
01223 338700





I am the Development Office’s first point of contact for Johnians and external parties, via both phone and email. As well as processing updates to contact details and preferences, I answer enquiries about our development and alumni relations programmes and ensure that alumni make the most of their benefits. I also help build and maintain the alumni website and Johnian Hub, and I assist all members of the team as necessary.






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