Projects Supported by the Annual Fund

The North West Access Tour

In 2016 the Annual Fund provided £8,900 to support the Access Office’s most ambitious initiative to date: the North West Access Tour. The tour saw College members visit schools in Bolton, Rochdale and Blackburn to provide guidance to potential applicants, and to dispel some of the myths that prevent talented students from viewing Cambridge as a viable option for further study.

Academic sessions mirroring tutorials were given by Fellows, while workshops on navigating the Cambridge application process were delivered by the College’s Admissions Tutor. Addressing one of the most common reasons for not applying to Cambridge, information on the financial support networks available at St John’s was provided to both pupils and parents.

Pre-Admission Prizes

In 2015 St John’s established its pioneering Pre-Admission Prize initiative – the first of its kind in Cambridge – with the assistance of a £25,000 grant from the Annual Fund. Providing a one-off award of £5,000 to the most promising applicant in 13 major subject areas, the introduction of the prizes has been associated with an increase in the number of applications to study at St John’s, and the quality of applications received.

The St John’s College Reading Group on Health Inequalities

The St John’s College Reading Group on Health Inequalities was established in 2014 by College Fellow Professor Ann Louise Kinmonth, and Visiting Fellow Professor Mike Kelly. Motivated by the persistence of disparities in human health, the group brings together scholars from a range of fields to study the mechanisms by which they arise, and are sustained through time despite rising living standards.

The work undertaken has been supported with a grant of £25,000 from the Annual Fund, which has allowed the group to produce four papers to date. The research they contain provides evidence-based policy direction on pressing issues, such as welfare provision and early maternal and child care, in an effort to break cycles of poverty and ill health.

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