Keeping us in the loop

The Development Office helps to keep Johnians in touch with each other and with St John's. In order to do this it is important that our information is up-to-date. As a graduate of St John's College and the University of Cambridge, you are automatically a member of our alumni community, but if you have moved house, changed your name or email address, or are not receiving any of our alumni communications, please let us know as soon as possible. Stay in touch...

With us

In order for us to keep in touch with you and send you invitations to events and publications, we will need your current contact details, including postal address and preferred email address. You can check and update your details online here, or you can contact us by email or by telephone on 01223 338700.

And with each other

The only way in which we put anyone in touch with you is by forwarding emails or stamped mail. The College reserves the right to open and read mail before forwarding it on and is not obliged to send mail on to Johnians which may be deemed to be inappropriate. If you have any questions regarding contacting other Johnians, please get in touch with us. 

Handling your address details

Address details received from Johnians are used by us for College purposes.

The only body to which we routinely pass notification of address changes is the University Development Office, who use your address to send you the Cambridge Alumni Magazine (CAM) and for other purposes. They may also pass on your address to Cambridge regional or specialist alumni groups at the discretion of the Alumni Committee of the Cambridge Foundation.

If you do not wish us to pass your address to the University please let us know, using the details below:

Development Office
St John's College
Cambridge CB2 1TP

Tel: 01223 338700

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